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Relaxation exercises can reduce the strain on the mind and body. What is relaxation? How do relaxation exercises affect the nerves and brain function of the body?

If this is understood correctly, it can have to reach more effective. There is also much interest in doing exercise. Now we look at which relaxation techniques are useful for relieving the stress by step by step.

Using effective relaxation strategies can help us get the relief and pleasure we need without resorting to external techniques, such as the use of chemicals or hypnosis in the mind and body, such as tiredness, sleeping pills, sedative medications, alcohol.

The weak of the brain and body needs rehabilitation and repair. Sleep is one of the strategies that nature has devised to restore the cells of the brain.

During sleep, the person’s conscious mind becomes dysfunctional. The unconscious mind is active. Alcohol, sedatives, and immunosuppressive medications can cause some degree of mental relaxation.

But the harmful effects of alcohol and chemical drugs on the body can be eliminated with greater efficiency and relaxation strategies. Therefore, a relaxed relaxation strategy can bring greater benefits.

The ease and convenience of relaxation

  1. Don’t need more time for Relaxation, as like as sleep. Results can be obtained in 6-8 hours with a 5-10 minute relaxation. It is also possible to practice relaxation without interrupting their daily activities.
  2. No need a separate room, no privacy, just like sleeping.
  3. Whether damaged by alcohol or drugs, relaxation helps improve health.
  4. Relaxation improves our quality of life and Energy develops during relaxation.
  5. The mind has the ability to concentrate and integrate. Develops creative and imaginative skills. Relaxing helps to sharpen the mind.

Considering all these factors, it has been found that relaxation exercises can provide more relief than pills and prescriptions.


Physiological and neurological changes



The nervous system is one of the most powerful and most complex and important systems of circulation in the human body.

The structure and functioning of the nervous system are inseparable, affecting every aspect of our lives – physical, intellectual, social, and cultural. Stress can change a person’s body balance and natural functioning.

The human body is created in such a way that it maintains the inner balance. Some causes, such as excessive despair and sudden trauma, can damage the body’s organ function and chemical balance.

But if it changes once or twice in the long run, it doesn’t make much of an impact. However, if that chemical effect persists in the body, brain chemicals can change the state of balance.

Relaxation strategies can help these imbalances get back into balance or maintain equilibrium. When stress is constantly affecting the body’s balance, it changes the physical and mental traits.

These abnormal and deformed organ systems can cause a multitude of illnesses, such as rashes, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, headaches, gastritis, and so on. Eventually, even death can happen. Stress, such as mental status, is directly related to the autonomic nervous system.


Background of the relaxation process


In the past, there was a special interest in yoga, especially in the oriental Bharata, Veda, Upanishad, Buddhist and Hindu religions. Almost four thousand years ago, they realized the efficacy of yoga and had a deep knowledge of the functions of the mind.

In the past, meditation and yoga were used to improve the mind. According to Buddhist history, on the fifth day of Prince Siddhartha, the meditation of Aanapanasati was practiced. This indicates that Indian society was well aware of meditation at the time.

Due to high speed, competition, hopes, and expectations; human life has been caught Into a state of depression than ever before.

In retrospect, the only thing left is to hang out in front of a group of desires and get each other.  The downside is that the end result of this uncontrollable process is mental exhaustion.

We have to go, whether we like to go or not, according to the prevailing pattern of society. When we join an organization as employees, we have to meet the goals of that organization.

There are two options we can take. Either you quit your job, or you go to work and try to reach goals. We don’t have to be sick because of others’ decisions. In achieving those goals, we cannot reduce our quality of life.



Relaxation exercises, meditation, and yoga can help you achieve that result in a short period of time.  Now become a part of professional training around the world for practical exercises such as relaxation, meditation, and yoga practice.

In the whole world today, separate institutes have been established for practical exercises such as relaxation. They have a separate staff and they have been specially trained for this relaxation.

Now the relaxation training exercise can be doing everyone, from the classroom to the top executive. After doing much research has now found the medical and physiological value of relaxation. Ignorance about mind relaxation can lead to depression and psychosomatic illness.


Simple relaxation exercises that you can use daily



Here I will explain simple relaxation exercises that can be practiced by the adolescent children in their daily routine, as well as for the everyday fatigue and tired women in their short spare time and others.

All the various relaxation exercises mentioned here can be practically practiced by anyone. You can try it. Identify strategies that are best suited to each situation and use appropriate techniques.

We can’t avoid all of the psychological trauma we experience. Using relaxation strategies can reduce the negative effects of stress. When a brick-bat falls into a well, the well water is discomposed.

But after a while, you can see the stillness of the water. When the water is turbulent, the bottom is not visible but the water is not turbulent, the bottom is visible.

As mentioned above, stress is a stranger situation and A hostile situation to the body. Using the relaxation strategies outlined here, you can re-balance your organ system. It deepens your breathing, slows down your heart rate, and reduces blood pressure. It also relaxes muscle spasms.


Start relaxation exercises

woman, relaxation, portrait

Learning relaxation strategies is not difficult. But the real benefits come from exercising daily. Experts say that 10-20 minutes a day is sufficient.

Follow these steps to get the most out of your relaxation exercises.

Step 1:- Set a specific time for this in your daily schedule. This is very important and practical. It is very easy to set aside time in the morning before starting work. The benefits of doing these exercises are great before you start the day’s duties and responsibilities.

Step 2:- Relaxing makes you feel light and restrained. It can also cause drowsiness. If you are sleepy at night or during the day, it will further increase your sleepiness. Relaxation exercises can only be effective when you are awake.

Step 3:- Pick a strategy that suits you. There is no such thing as the best relaxation method. You need to choose the technique that suits you best. You can choose the right exercises to suit your fitness, your needs, and your preferences. The right exercise is a technique that will lighten your mind and body and suit your lifestyle.

Step 4:- If you prefer to do it alone, you can improve your body’s vitality by strengthening your muscles by practicing meditation exercises such as muscle relaxation. If you would like to work with a group, you can do to join meditation classes, or work with a group of people for that purpose.


Body and mind Stillness


When faced with mental breakdowns, young men and women often tell themselves of their inability. We get involved in a variety of tasks on a daily basis. Everything is not as we thought it would be.

That is to be expected. Otherwise, it is useless to say that all of this is going to go wrong. What is worse is that these repeated statements from time to time are unknowingly leaking into our subconscious.

Therefore, one must understand the vulnerability of negative self-talk to the self, and realize that the real world is acting in accordance with the pursuit of profit, satisfaction, and happiness.

Self-talk needs to be gradually learned to be positive. The mind should be used to see the world as positive, pleasant and Regenerative as possible. It is very important to get used to thinking that every mistake is an opportunity for us to learn something.



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  1. Sonny

    I practice meditation, though not as often as I should. My problem is my mind tends to wander. I try to keep it still but I can’t stop it from thinking. I guess it’s because the mind was designed to think that’s why it’s difficult to make it not think. Thanks for your tips, especially the 4 steps. 


    1. admin

      Hi Sonny,

      It is normal for our minds to wander if our experience is lacking. I hope to post an article on simple meditations now. Do not give up practicing meditation. But we have to find which system is that suits us. Enjoy life in a positive way. First, believe that you can do this. yes, of course, you can do it.


  2. Michel

    I loved reading this and this article will apply to many people at the moment because of the worries over the Corona virus and what it will do to their lively hoods and their health. 

    It is not good to worry as it just causes stress so our best bet is definitely to focus on the positive, be great-full for what we have and practice whichever relaxation techniques are best suited to us. 

    1. admin

      I am extremely excited about your comments. We can overcome all obstacles if we can think and see everything positively. Let us do what we can to save human life from this tragedy facing the world. We need to develop their morale. We can use simple meditation techniques to relax our minds.


  3. Cordelia Nixon

    An underrated resource,

    I work in a men’s prison and believe it or not we see the benefits of meditation, mindfulness and indeed chakra cleansing. It is almost a miracle moment when you can physically witness some of the most socially and mentally and criminally unwell people in our country working through the simple steps and genuinely feel better after the session. We also treat them to acupuncture which like meditation is hugely beneficial.

    I am liking your website, the content and where it’s going to take me. I know in Sri Lanka they take the benefits of ancient healing and relaxation very seriously.

    I look forward to seeing your website grow


    1. admin

      In fact, there are many benefits of meditation and we can take a lot of them to our daily life from doing meditating the correct way. One type of meditation may not be suitable for everyone. But we have to be skilled at understanding the type of meditation that suits us. These meditations help us to guide criminal persons on the right path. This is just my initial step. Finally, I appreciate your valuable comments. I look forward to educating the community on such timely topics such as this one in the future.


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